At Allied Seafreight, we can take care of your distribution needs

Distribution services designed for your needs

We offer seamless, cost-effective, reliable distribution services, from when an order is placed through to the pick, pack and delivery of your product to the intended destination.

We can also help to optimise your distribution through consolidation and deconsolidation programs designed to meet the needs of your business.

Our distribution services can be provided as part of an integrated supply chain solution or as a standalone service. We also offer scalable solutions to meet demand fluctuations.

Our fleet consists of a range of vehicles, from 1-tonne trays to B-double tautliners


Our people become your people

We have a trained and dedicated logistics team ready to handle your requirements.

As a value-added service, we can also locate Allied Seafreight staff at your workplace to assist in implementing and managing your supply chain.


Consolidation and deconsolidation

A well-designed consolidation program can significantly reduce your transport and storage costs, improve your operational efficiencies and cycle times, and give you increased distribution flexibility.

We will work with you to design and implement a cost-effective and efficient consolidation program that optimises the distribution of your goods.


Cross-docking distribution services

Whether you need to transfer goods quickly between different transport modes, efficiently separate and sort materials for different destinations, or combine goods from different origins into a single shipment, we offer cross docking services to help streamline your supply chain.

Through cross docking, products for a similar, or the same, destination can be consolidated into one shipment and transported as a full load, reducing your overall distribution costs.